About Rachael.

Hi! I'm Rachael Petty. A baker, artist and all around swell gal hailing from the mountains of Western North Carolina - where I live with my husband Ory, our beagle Maggie and two fine felines, Fred and Biscuits. 

I graduated from Western Carolina University with a degree in painting and drawing. So, naturally when it came to finding a job I became a barista. Lucky for me working in coffee shops where muffins, cakes and all sorts of goodies were always flying around, I discovered my passion for baking. But like most artists, and lets face it, most people in general, I have many passions  - here is the place that I get to explore, share and discuss all of my favorite things!

So hey - let's dance in our kitchens, binge watch Gilmore Girls, perhaps we can paint with far too many colors? Welcome to my vibrant, awesome world.